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Our projects are tailored to the customers` needs
Wall stickers are a new trend in interior decoration. Wall sticker is perfect for decorating of walls, mirrors, furniture.
This is an easy way to change the boring appearance of walls and does not require specialized knowledge and skills.

Mariusz Januzik KM-STUDIO
64-920 Pila

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NIP 764-216-64-38
REGON 301136301
The entry in the Register of Business Activity, no. 21720 conducted by the Mayor of Pila.
e-mail: office@decowalls.eu

We design and manufacture of decorative stickers, wall stickers that are perfect for decorating of walls, furniture, mirrors, cars. Based on our models, we also painting templates. In our portfolio you can find stickers for a nursery (children’s room), decorative elements for a kitchen, bedroom or living room, motifs of trees, flowers, dandelions, ornaments and many other designs. Our wall stickers have changed the interior of thousands of flats. There is a little something for everyone.